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The very plausibility of the i love black shemales database is doubtful, because the research is very frequently the result of lobbying or manipulating public opinion. The results of scientific research in the field of massage porn are very often based on the observation of certain phenom ena, which result in the tranny sex description of occurring processes, and explaining the cause and reason of the existing phenomena. Social studies in that term cannot be limited to mere observation of natural phenomena, because the human factor in politics plays a key role. In the area of politics it is not sufficient to observe and single out the fact. What is more crucial is concentration on the motives behind that fact.

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The iloveblackshemales mechanisms behind the so-called 'self- knowledge' of societies, (the knowledge acquired through the tranny black analysis of their own systems), leads up to the change of the form of society. Analytical interference, through the disclosure of the result, leads up to its change. In the light of the vagueness, complexity and tangle characteristic to the research area of politology, the question arises whether it is worth endeavouring to systematise that field of study and whether it is possible to systematise it at all. Politology does not seem to meet the conditions of black shemale photos scientific laws, the laws that are subject to multiple verification, and only on that condition are they not rejected and meet the standards required by science.

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